Researchers working toward indoor location detection

A team of researchers at the Rice University are mapping a new solution for interior navigational location detection. According to the result, which is published in a paper at last month’s 2017 Desin, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. Before this scientists have also come up with a technology, called CaPSuLe, for a new indoor mobile positioning system. The Navigational location detection system is meant for mobile device users inside large indoor spaces like office complexes or shopping malls, Because GPS navigation in these locations have poor signals......

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Windows 10 Creators Update Release Date Confirmed For April 11: Top Features To Expect

From April 11, Microsoft’s Windows 10 system’s new major update will be available for its consumers and businesses. So let discuss some important things company stored for us. Website clutter: Windows 10’s Edge browser now have a small icon on the upper left corner that let you do variety of tasks i.e. researching a trip, E-books, checking the news and gasp doing actual work. Paint 3D: One of the top feature of the creators update is allowing users to capture 3D images on your phone, edit it and print them in 3D.This......

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Google's iOS app comes with its GIF-friendly keyboard on the side

There is no more secret that Google is planning to make its own lineup of search, navigation and email apps the go- to services for Apple users. California based company, having it beautiful office in Mountain View, have gone so far to introduce new features in iOS apps months before rolling them out to their Android counterparts. The reason behind the step is to make hold on iPhone users with even deeper integrations of its flagship, search-focused app into Apple’s operating system. It also brings the Gboard iOS keyboard under its wing.......

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Apple Will Start Making iPhones In India In Two Months, But They Won't Be The Latest Models!

Finally, after spate of rumors Apple’s all set to manufacture iPhones in India. Within the next two months. For real! But unfortunately , company will not manufacture its latest iPhone 7 or 7 Plus smartphones. Not only iPhone 7 or 7 Plus but there’s no report about it planning to make its upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone 8 or iPhone X in India also, either. Bummer!! According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will reportedly only assemble the iPhone 6 & 6S models in India — specifically in Bengaluru. Wait, does that mean they won’t......

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iOS 10.3 Release Date: iOS 10.3 Expected to Arrive in a Few Weeks

Apple become remain careful from hackers attack. Hackers always tries to exploit the operating system. The tech giant is expected to officially release ios 10.3 and iOS 10.3 beta 7 for developers within weeks. Despite great efforts taken by Apple in securing the operating system, tech enthusiast are expecting for an ios 10.3 jailbreak tool. No Jailbreak could successful in hacking the updated mobile operating system of Apple, so far. According to reports, Apple’s iOS 10.3 comes with impressive features on top of the new file system. The new operating system will......

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Apple expands Swift Playgrounds to five new languages

With the launching of affordable iPad, Apple Inc. announced that swift Playgrounds will now support five new languages i.e. Japanese, French, German and Latin American Spanish along with English. Swift Playgrounds already is a unique way to let the kids familiar with code strings and variables. But expanding it beyond English Speakers it opens the up to more young minds. All aspects of the app have been updated to support for the new languages, and as an added benefit, “all programming lessons are now localized across five additional languages and are optimized......

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Good news for Android users who are actually waiting for Stellar Wanderer Game!!! About the Stellar Wanderer A year ago the game was launched on iOS by Crescent Moon.It is an interesting sci-fi RPG game in an open universe. You could Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER, each will gives you some bonuses and special abilities.  After that its is your choice what you want to do and where you want to go. Once you’ve set on your path you can stick to the main story or branch off, again it’s up to you, and you can......

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Chrome 57 for Android: Have a look at the expected new features

Last week Chrome 57 was updated to Windows, Linux and Mac. This week the latest version of browser going to introduce in Android Devices. Have a look at the expected features Unlike last version, Latest version of Chrome for Android features beyond its limitations. It brings Bookmarking, downloading, Request Desktop Site, Full Controls and much more. Moreover, Progressive Web Apps now have an “Add to Home screen” option. Website application will appear in the system settings as well as app drawer. Interestingly, Notifications would no more appear via Chrome. There will be an......

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Apple releases Seventh beta of iOS 10.3

Just after three days of releasing the sixth beta of iOS 10.3 as well three months after the release of iOS 10.2, the seventh beta of an upcoming iOS 10.3 update is just waiting for you. Registered developers can download the latest update from the Apple developers center or over-the-air with the proper configuration profile installed.   Have a look at the major Update:- Biggest consumer-facing feature is “Find My Airpods”. This feature will help the owner to locate a lost earphone. Isn’t Great!!!!! Now the questions arises how could it help you?......

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Upcoming Galaxy S8 could use your face for secure mobile payments

In the era of technology, almost every company adding facial recognition into its security feature.According to Recent reports, the upcoming Galaxy S8 might be including  facial recognition tech within months of release.Besides the facial recognition feature, other features it will includes is iris scanner,fingerprint  which we still consider pretty new since the Note 7 that featured it first didn’t really see a lot of use. It is also reported that Samsung is already working with banks to get the feature adopted. The company’s flagship phones have offered facial recognition to unlock for......

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