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MLM Software Development in Patiala

MLM Software Development service is also provided by EasyWebPlans. MLM is known as Multi-Level Marketing. It is the most popular marketing strategy everyone might heard of it. Company usually adopted to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying existing distributors a certain percentage of the sales.

There are lots of MLM Software Development Concepts and Plans adopted by Business Individuals and Companies to sale their products and services.  It is done through customers as well as affiliates. MLM Software looking for person who are willing to Start MLM Company. EasyWebPlans is an experienced team of MLM software development in Patiala, Punjab.

Have a look at the different MLM Software Development Plan concepts available with us:

MLM Help Plan/ Gift Plan/Business Plan/ Donation Plan:-

First Concept is MLM Gift Plan. In this concept company send gift to one member and receive gift from multiple Members. It is also known as Donation Plan, Business Plan or Help Plan. Many Multinational adopt this plan and making huge profits.

MLM Software Development in Patiala, Punjab

MLM Software Development – Board Business Plan:-

It is most popular MLM plan which is also known as Revolving Matrix MLM Plan. In this plan existing customers and promoters works in fixed number groups. The group is called board .Once the number in the group reached its limit than it splits into two sub-boards. After split, top one promoter move to the nest higher level and gives compensation for the particular board break income.

MLM Software company in Patiala, Punjab

MLM Uni-Level Business Plan:

It is most simple plan concept of MLM available in the industry. In this plan a promoter recruits a new promoter in their frontlines and get compensated on sale of products or services of the MLM Company. Promoter can recruit unlimited newcomers.

Moreover, The MLM Company can even introduce some rewards to encourage its promoters by introducing fixed number of new comers into the MLM business or network.

MLM Binary Business Plan:

It is the most preferred MLM plan. In this plan a person can add upto two person in its frontline. When you done with your team, you are than forced to place everyone else under them in your downline into two sub trees: One is left side and another is right side. One side is called power leg and another is profit leg. There is different compensation plan under this concept which is depend on two ratios i.e. 1:1 and 1:2 or 2:1. Furthermore, The payment plan under this concept is called Capping concept which is limited.MLM Matrix Business Plan:

It is the trendiest plan nationally as well as internationally. It is also known as Forced Matrix Plan. Under this Plan MLM networker hire new comer under his/her frontline in width and depth. Moreover, MLM Company can even set its own depth level to distribute commissions for networker.

MLM Generation Business Plan:

 This plan is mainly preferred by consumable manufacturer company. Under this plan, all the promoters given a target to sale the products and services. When they reached their pre-defined target than, than they receive some set percentage of commission.

MLM Mobile Recharge Plan with DTH network Recharge Plan:

It is a new concept for the MLM business industry. New customers can take the distribution of Mobile recharge or DTH networks. The business could be start from home and there is no requirement of internet connection. When the distributor recharge someone’s mobile or DTH, the leader get commission or incentives.

Mobile Recharge Android/iPhone App:                                                                                     

Under this concept, MLM Company build an online B2B Recharge and Bill Payment service through iOS, Android, Windows as well as Blackberry Mobile Recharge App. By recharging mobile, DTH Recharge, Data Card Recharge or Any Utility Bill Payment and earn benefit on each Recharge.

MLM Stair Step Business Plan:

It is another sales of products and services targets plan. When a person achieves his target than his reward with some incentives and promoted to next higher designation. His performance is counted by the team which is working under his/her supervision. In short, when downline sales a product or service, the upline get benefitted in the MLM Stair Step Plan.

MLM Australian Binary Business Plan:

It is most preferred plan among many domestic and international MLM companies. This plan is based on Tri-Binary each promoter opens three legs and gets benefited when his/her third legs works.

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