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Ecommerce Website Design in BathindaEcommerce Website Design in BathindaEasy Web Plans functionally serves as a major eCommerce Website Design in Bathinda. We create and build interactive digital platforms and help the business to promote their services online with 100% client satisfaction. We have branches all over the world like India, Canada, UK, Australia and the US. The organisation strength is cored with cutting edge resources diverging into many successful ventures. It is aided by tools like PPC, SEO, SMM, SEM and email marketing. Easy Web Plans happens to be the Ecommerce Development Company in Bathinda.

The best Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda since 2008 –

We at Easy Web Plans have been in this web design game for over 12 years. In that time, we have gained a vast amount of experience as well as knowledge. On the other hand, we Easy Web Plans is the crafty synthesis of Mr Amrinder Singh, a post-graduate in Computers specializing in IT. He is more than a decade rich with Product User Experience (UX), Digital Growth Hacking, PPC AdWords Expert and Conversion Rate Optimisation Expertise. Thus, these have shaped the company into a professional skeleton ready to serve its customers with recurring satisfying outputs. Easy Web Plans’ power-packed team delivers eCommerce Website Development in Bathinda.

What do we do?

The energetic team of master professionals, dominating their respective streams for years, intricately works for E-Commerce Website in Bathinda. We try projecting your e-commerce document with the essential features such that it connects with the visitors focusing on an intuitive approach to give it unlimited muscles. We store in it the potency to scale up the sales efficiently catering to both individuals and the biggies. All in all a designed platform to go on boards and for an economic deal which might be easy on the pockets.

Our services

Easy Web Plans’ Website Designing services in Bathinda has upstreamed to demanding popularity. Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda has precisely focussed on the basics both in terms of reliability and control to provide an integrative approach to the services we provide.

  • Need-based and customer-based design: Of course firstly we look at the need of the individual. And then working on our research to the tailor-made product with potent tools. We have built on the expertise to transform our design uniquely and effectively focussing on contemporary tools.
  • SEO services: Research is an intricate part of the product development procedure. We thus update ourselves with the contemporary trends with a statistical approach which enables us to optimize the product and give it a global appearance. This makes your online store class and notch.
  • Social handling: Our promotion team works constantly to give your site the necessary advertisements. This helps your site outreach a majority.
  • Involvement of many payment gateways: Be easy when we are in business is our mantra. This we keep in our structure also when handling money. We give options to our customers keeping open multiple gateways for making payments like ccavenue payumoney and PayPal.
  • Easy on pockets: We aim to assist all enthusiastic business. We design for varied budget projections.
  • A cosy admin palette: We understand the essential need of you being a complete manager of your online store. Our technical team makes it a point to incorporate a user-friendly admin panel.

Reason to choose our Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda?

  • Easy Web Plans offers customized design to make your website design responsive and as per industry standards
  • We offer Payment Gateway Integration options to the site including PayPal, PayuMoney etc
  • Our Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda Company offers 100% applications or websites to suit exact business needs
  • Through our user-friendly admin panel, you will get complete control on store
  • In addition, we allow you to upload unlimited products to store
  • Our SEO friendly and Ecommerce features and social media integration allow to engage with your customers easily

Enriching your business

Our Ecommerce Development Services in Bathinda is teamed with the tools and settings which will boost your business to health. We welcome and cherish your partnership. Dial +91 9216041313 to enquire more or request for a free quote.

FAQs –

How long does it take to your company to design a new website?

Actually, it totally depends upon what the client needs. It takes longer to design 1000 pages websites than a small 5 pages website.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Yes, we do. It is important to approach for redesign company like us to find out the reasons for your redesign existing websites are valid or not.

Do you work globally?

Yes, we work globally. We have various clients lives in abroad. In addition, we have branches abroad which are in the UK, Australia, and the USA.

Do you offer ongoing help on the new website?

If you need any help, we will be there for you. We are available 24 by seven to provide full support and maintenance on your site.

Can you convert my website into Word press?

Yes, our Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda Company is able to convert your website into Word press.

Can I purchase my own domain?

Yes, you can. Once you have sorted your domain out, we can take things from there. But, if you need any help, our Ecommerce Website Design in Bathinda Company is there for you.

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