iOS app development company in Surrey

iOS app development company in Surrey
– In today’s world, can you imagine a person without a smartphone? Does it sound normal to you? 20 years back it was surely a normal case. In those days, most of our tasks were carried out manually. But the invention of mobile phones followed by smartphones has changed our lives a lot. Moreover, businessmen and developers are finding ways to introduce new apps with some innovative ideas.

Applications have already made things easy for us. If you need to have good food, you can use your app to choose from a variety of restaurants and dishes. Sitting at your home, you can browse, choose, pay and get a delicious dish at your doorstep within minutes. With the help of the app on your smartphone, you can easily book a taxi from various types of vehicles for the desired location to travel. You can play your favourite song with video, you can arrange a video call with multiple people at the same time, etc are some of the ways that make us realize that mobile apps have made things easy for us.

In case you want to have an app of your own for any idea that you have, it’s great. You can also be an app maker. If your idea is good, your app will be liked by people and you will find more users using your app. You can earn the big money, fame as well as respect, to make an app that is capable to make things easier for people.

Easy Web Plans is the best iOS app development company in Surrey, where you can get professional developers to work on your business model. iOS app development in Surrey by Easy Web Plans is pocket friendly and takes less time to build. Easy Web Plans has more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry. Therefore, this company can take care of any kind of iOS application development in Surrey.

iOS app development company in Surrey

Apart from iOS app development in Surrey, Easy Web Plans leads the market in various other IT related services also. This company has more than 60 employees. They will not only create a high performing app for you but will also take care of the marketing. Easy Web Plans is also the best digital marketing company in Surrey. The marketing team will use various marketing strategies to market your app and ensure that your app has more and more relevant users.

Easy Web Plans has expertise in

  • Mobile app development: All kinds of technologies including native, react native, flutter, hybrid, etc.
  • Web design and development: Various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Laravel, etc.
  • Digital marketing: Depending on the type of business and the target audience, this company will use the best internet strategy to grow the business.
  • Social media marketing: Using the right social media platform, at right time in the right way, makes this company the best social media marketing company in Surrey.
  • Courses: Apart from working on projects, this company also offers various online and offline courses on topics like C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET, digital marketing, iOS mobile app development, social media, etc.

Best iOS app development company in Surrey

Easy Web Plans is the best iOS app development company in Surrey. The mobile app developers in Surrey, working for Easy Web Plans can create all kinds of mobile apps for you. Apps are of three kinds; web apps, hybrid apps and native apps.

Web apps

  • These apps are only available to use online. These apps cannot be downloaded on the device.
  • The performance of these apps is directly dependant on the quality of the internet and browser.
  • These apps take less time to build.
  • The development and maintenance cost of these apps is low.

Hybrid apps

  • These apps are common for all kinds of mobile phones and can be downloaded on devices.
  • The performance of these apps is not good enough.
  • These apps take less time to build
  • The development and maintenance cost of these apps is low

Native apps

  • Native apps are designed differently according to the type of devices. For instance, iOS apps are for Apple devices and Android apps are for Android devices.
  • The performance of these apps is excellent.
  • These apps take more time to build.
  • The development and maintenance cost of these apps is very high because we need a separate team for both iOS and Android.

iOS apps

These apps are particularly created for Apple devices, as these devices are only compatible with these applications. The developers who work on such apps use a separate SDK (Software development kit). One cannot create these apps without an Apple computer.

Android apps

These apps are particularly created for Android enabled devices. Many mobile brands support android. Some of the examples are Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc. You can use any computer system to install the SDK for Android development.

iOS application development services

No matter how rare is your business model or your requirement, Easy Web Plans is the best iOS application development company in Surrey that will create high performing apps for you. In case, your requirement is rare or innovative, this company will get you connected with the developer. This will make it easier for you to discuss the requirement and get what you want. In case, you want your app to have features similar to any famous app like Tinder, Uber, Amazon, etc. then this can easily be done by Easy Web Plans. Moreover, these kinds of apps can be completed within 3-5 days:

  1. Grocery
  2. Tiktok kind of app
  3. Education app
  4. Food delivery app
  5. Taxi app (like Uber)
  6. Restaurant app
  7. Dating app
  8. Matrimonial app
  9. Sports app
  10. Gaming app
  11. E-commerce app
  12. Real estate app
  13. Hotel
  14. Instagram kind of app

Feel free to book your free consultation today with Easy Web Plans and discuss your requirements. This consultation will help you know more about app development and how much you can expect from it.

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