Web development company in Surrey

Web development company in SurreyWeb development company in Surrey – Easy Web Plans has worked with hundreds of clients. The happy customer base and the level of client satisfaction has made this company the best web development company in Surrey. This is a 13-year-old company. It has offices in Canada, Australia and in India. The MD of the company Amrinder Singh owns two more companies that deal in the same services; Solutions1313 and PIIM. There are more than 60 employees working for this company. Each one of these is highly skilled and trained to work on the required programming language. This team of 60 experts make this company the best web development agency in Surrey.

Not only web development services in Surrey, however, but this company also offers various similar services that will help your online presence become more beneficial.

  • App development: Using the latest technologies like native, react native, flutter and hybrid to create highly efficient and functional apps is a remarkable service by this company.
  • Digital marketing: Depending on the type of business, market and target audience, this company will create the best strategy to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Social media marketing: This is the best social media marketing agency in Surrey. Using the right combination of social media channels to increase revenue and brand awareness of your business is the expertise of this company.
  • Email marketing: From shortlisting the most appropriate data to designing templates and creating an effective marketing campaign; this company takes care of everything. You can get great results from their email marketing campaigns.
  • Educational courses: Online and offline advanced technical courses like C, C++, Java, PHP8, .NET, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, digital marketing, android mobile app development, etc are also available here.

Let me share with you some more details about why Easy Web Plans has the best web developers in Surrey.

Best web development company in Surrey

CTO of the company Damanpreet Kaur is the best web designing expert in Canada. She plays a great role in making this company the best web development company in Surrey. She takes care of the entire web design and development and is responsible for the quality that this company delivers. Also, she focuses on every single component of the website to make sure that the website delivered to the client is perfect.

Some of the main components of the website are:

  1. What is available on the website: content, media files, colour schemes, features or anything that is on the website that the user is going to find.
  2. Hosting: the server where the data of the website is available.
  3. Making it interactive: the features of the website that make the user interaction possible. A chatbot is a good example here.
  4. Code: every website is created on some programming language.
  5. Security: the website should be secure to protect information like passwords, banking details, order history, etc.
  6. Responsiveness: website should be accessible on all types of devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  7. Making it SEO friendly: to get organic traffic, a website should be capable of SERP (search engine result page). MD of the company Amrinder Singh is the best SEO expert in Canada. He delivers promising results with a moneyback guarantee.

Damanpreet also takes care of the hiring process. After she’s sure about the skills and capability of a developer, she proceeds with the hiring process. After taking a strict technical round, she shortlists the candidate and gives him further training to make sure that he will be able to maintain the quality.

Web developers in Surrey

Broadly there are three types of web developers; front end developer, back end developer and full stack developer. Easy Web Plans has the best web developers in Surrey that cover all these categories. Every website developer in Surrey that works for Easy Web Plans delivers great quality. Let me share with you in detail what these developers are:

Front end developer

  • A front end developer is the one who is responsible to work on the visual part of the website. He is responsible to make the website attractive.
  • Front end developers usually work on the programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SCSS and JavaScript. They use designing related tools like Photoshop, Figma and CorelDRAW.
  • Whatever functionality is available on the website, it is the duty of the front end developer to make it available for the user in a user-friendly manner.
  • How many pages are there on the website? What is the size of each web page? What is the layout of the website? Which click navigates to which part of the website or what is the result of it? All these come under front end developer.
  • The website should be compatible with every browser like Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge and for every device; whether it is a laptop, tablet, desktop or mobile with different screen sizes. This is the responsibility of the front end developer.

Back end developer

  • The back end is the technology behind the front end.
  • They are responsible for data, server, applications, network security configuration and overall performance of the website.
  • They should have good knowledge related to coding. Firstly, they work on programming languages like PHP, .NET and Ruby on Rails. Later they use languages like MySQL, Oracle and SQL for data.
  • They are responsible for the loading speed of the website.

Full-stack developer

It is the combination of skills of both front ends as well as back end developers. It is difficult to be a full stack developer. Moreover, it takes years to become a professional full stack developer.

Best Web development company in Surrey

Easy Web Plans is the best Web development company in Surrey. The websites created by this company are high converting as well as user friendly in nature. A person with very low experience with the internet can easily navigate the websites created by this company. Also, the process that this company follows to create any website is a reason for its outstanding quality.

The strategy of a web development company in Surrey

Easy Web Plans follows a professional strategy to create any website. Let me share with you the strategy that has helped this company deliver client satisfaction and become the top web development company in Surrey.


The business analyst will discuss and understand your business. After knowing your business ideas and goals, he will go through thorough research. This research will help him gather information about the market and the audience. Once he is aware of the business, market and audience in detail, he will be able to design an effective strategy to develop a website. He will share the details with the development team and the development team will further discuss and decide the functionalities, content, design elements, hosting plan, etc for the website.

Also, they will outline the timeline for it and then share it with the client. After approval from the client, the planning stage is complete.


Later, the company will implement the plan and will start creating your website. Meanwhile, the company will assign a project manager for the client. This project manager will be aware of everything about the project. The client can call anytime to discuss the details of the project. To know the details of any technical part, the client can ask him and he will properly explain everything.

During this phase, the project will be split. Each task will be assigned to a specialized person or team. This makes it easy to check both speeds as well as quality. In case any team is going slow, then this can be easily figured out and that team can be focussed on. For instance, if the graphic designers are going too slow with logo, media files or colour schemes, then this can easily be tracked and fixed.


After the development part is done, testing is really important. After making sure that there is no bug in the website and everything is fine, the website is shared with the client. And after the client’s approval, the website is made live through the server.


Once the website is live, proper analytics tools are set up. This helps in understanding the performance of the website. We can check how many visitors came to the website, where they were located, etc. On the basis of this, we can further make the required changes to the website.


Once the website is live, there are chances that some new technology comes to the market as well as may outdate the previously used. Once a large number of users land on the website with different interests and expectations, we may need to make some changes to the website. Also, we should ensure that there are no bugs or glitches on the website with the passage of time.

All these come under maintenance, and Easy Web Plans can take care of everything for you.

Hire the best web development company in Surrey

If you want your business to come online, or in case you want your online business to do better, book a free consultation with Easy Web Plans. You will get an idea about how your business can improve with the help of the website that they create. Also, you will know more about what you can expect to form a website.

Please note: You can start your project without making any payment. After your project has started and you are convinced by the quality, you can make your first payment.

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