Apple Will Start Making iPhones In India In Two Months, But They Won’t Be The Latest Models!

Finally, after spate of rumors Apple’s all set to manufacture iPhones in India. Within the next two months. For real!

But unfortunately , company will not manufacture its latest iPhone 7 or 7 Plus smartphones. Not only iPhone 7 or 7 Plus but there’s no report about it planning to make its upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone 8 or iPhone X in India also, either. Bummer!!

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will reportedly only assemble the iPhone 6 & 6S models in India — specifically in Bengaluru. Wait, does that mean they won’t even manufacture the old phones in India?!

WSJ is citing Karnataka State government official reports claiming Taiwanese manufacturer Winstrom Corp will start churning out Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S models at its Bangalore factory in the next “four to six weeks.”The same manufacturing unit in Bangalore is also expected to roll out the smaller form factor iPhone SE smartphone later this year.

This eagerly anticipated step from Apple’s supposed to make iPhones cost lesser in India, also help Apple expand its current 5% market share in the smartphone market.

To accelerate Apple’s manufacturing plans in India, the central government is working to accommodate tax and duty related demands of the Cupertino giant. While the Finance Ministry had initially declined the demands made by the US-based technology giant, reports suggest that senior members from Apple met with an inter-ministerial group to reach a middle ground on the issue.

 But what still sucks is the fact that Apple will only make iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S smartphones — originally launched in 2014 — and iPhone SE, which was originally launched over a year ago.


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