Microsoft Unveils Second Big Windows 10 update

It’s confirmed!!

Microsoft’s second major Windows 10 update coming later this year.  At a recent Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Australia, company unveiled its plans to release a second featured Windows 10 update after the Creators update.

Windows 10

New features of Windows 10

The Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app now have new features that help you to manage your desktop emails. New intelligent Focused Inbox with a new mentions system helps you to find important information in a long email chains. Isn’t Great!!!

Likewise Outlook in Mobile versions,new feature will be able to differentiate the emails that user likely to either read or reply to and filters the important ones into their focused Inbox. You can also tweaked the filters by flagging a message for one inbox or the other.

Moreover, User can tag each other in email as well by using @ symbol to bring up a list of contacts. Selecting a contact adds that person to the chain and will highlight their name in the body text. Users can also filter their emails to search for ones where they’ve specifically been tagged.

Now comes to New calendar update, it has intelligent travel reservations and packaged delivery reminders based on your emails. It also has some new color categories and the ability to subscribe to popular calendars like holidays and sports schedules.

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