SEO Course in Patiala

Seo traning in patiala

Get the best SEO course in Patiala and start working towards increasing the organic reach of your website today. The potential free search engine traffic could be worth millions in advertising, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Search engine optimization is not as easy as it was in 2010, so if you are interested in ranking on the first page of Google, Yandex or Bing, this SEO training course is an absolute necessity.

Gain skills in on-page optimization and learn how to set up a website properly for both search engines and users. Learn different metrics and key ranking factors that will get your site to the top. Find out how you can optimize your digital presence off-site. Come to our SEO course institute and discover the 200 factors which affect your position on Google.

The course delivers techniques which are also useful for ranking well on app stores and Amazon. Make highly successful app and book launches and maximize your profit potentials.

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Seo course patiala

SEO Course Curriculum

You can attend a beginner and advanced SEO course in Patiala depending on your needs. The professionals from the SEO course institute have created two nice programs for those students with and without previous SEO knowledge.

Beginners SEO Course in Patiala

Even those who haven’t heard about SEO before can start learning today and get on the right track really fast. The beginners SEO course covers all the essentials about the trade which include:

  • Setting up the site structure and map
  • Setting up the content on-page
  • Introduction into meta data
  • Submitting to webmasters and resolving common issues
  • Techniques for keeping users on-page
  • Basic back-linking strategies
  • Monitoring with Google Analytics
  • Best practices and standards
  • Toxic strategies to avoid

With this course, beginners get an excellent sense on what to do and how they can do it. The module is best suited for those who are just starting up and want to set up everything properly. Attending this module also helps avoid mistakes which can be fatal for your domain’s rank ability.

Get 100% Practical Training in Digital Marketing Course:

Call: +91 92160-41313, 85680- 80005

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Advanced SEO Course in Patiala

If you already have some SEO knowledge and would like to become more proficient, the advanced course provides an excellent expansion of your skills. This course covers additional tools and elaborate tactics which will help you beat even well-optimized websites. Learn how to:

  • Set up a site structure for maximum PageRank
  • Internally structure and leverage popular pages on your site
  • Use AMP and tools for speed and mobile friendliness
  • Keep visitors and lower bounce rate
  • Estimate competition on a given keyword
  • Estimate efforts to beat competitors
  • Use SEO tools to do an in-depth analysis
  • Set short-term and long-term keyword goals
  • Analyze search trends
  • Use broken link building
  • Use substitute link building
  • Use EDU link building
  • Strategic SEO sponsorships
  • Niche relevance in link building
  • Amazon search engine tactics
  • Key metrics and tactics for app store optimization

The advanced course delivered by the SEO Course Institute combines theoretical knowledge with the extensive practical experience of our expert team. All techniques taught belong to the white-hat and holistic approach of doing SEO

Get 100% Practical Training in Digital Marketing Course:

Call: +91 92160-41313, 85680- 80005

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