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The most prevailing Search Engine marketing tool  is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is set of techniques that will help you in improving the ranking of your webpage or website in the search engine. Ranking high is not as tough as to maintain your position on the top. Because every Company attempts to get their website ranking in top-most search results. you need to be extra attentive.
Keeping the first position require lots of brain work and time and we know it is difficult for you find time out of your busy daily routine. So you might be searching a professional SEO Services Company to keep your business to next level. EasyWebPlans is an emerging SEO Company in Patiala providing SEO services in all over Punjab. We are also a best SEO Company in Chandigarh.



Google keep on changing its algorithms every year. That’s the reason why you are struggling to maintain your desire ranking. To keep your position intact you need to divert your efforts towards the Google mood.Our SEO Services Company Patiala have an expert SEO staff that keep a close eye on the changing trend of Google and make the strategy accordingly.

Our SEO company Punjab Plays a critical role for growth of your business.We usually works on Organic ranking as unlike adwords they are globally visible. Organic SEO does build credibility and branding while making a sales or any service request. Google considered these sites as the most relevant.. We provides services in all over Punjab and Haryana. As one of the best SEO agency we know how to balance between more SEO content and informative content.

Expert SEO Company Patiala offers a comprehensive suite of SEO Services that keeps you apart from your competitors. We also deals in Social Media Marketing service in Patiala, Search Engine marketing in Punjab, Local SEO Services in Patiala. Due to our pricing structure we are known for Affordable SEO Company in Patiala.


Here we discuss about the various techniques of SEO.

Types of SEO

SEO company- Types of SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization refers to all the measures that taken within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. Gone are the days, when search engine get settled with only just a good content. Now you need to take care of lots of measure into your mind. With proper On-page optimization, you not only ranked high in search but also can increase the overall readability of your website. In Short, aim of the on-page is to optimize an article in the best possible way.

Furthermore, on page optimization and off Page optimization both divided into three categories:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

Best SEO Company in Patiala, Punjab

White Hat SEO

It is most popular and most used SEO technique. These are the techniques and methods which improve the SEO ranking of the website in a legal way. It means it use the methods that don’t violate the search engine guidelines. It make use of high quality content development, link acquisition campaigns and website HTML optimization and restructuring and manual outreach and research.

Here are the tricks used in White Hat SEO:


This is one of the most important factor of SEO. Title is the first thing that audience noticed on search engine. Your title should be catchy enough that encourage the audience to open the link to read further. It should contain the specific keyword that convey the information you want to share.

SEO company tools

For example, if you want to write blog on how to lose weight. So it is important to use “lose weight” within your post title. Rather than using long keywords like “How to lose weight”, try to choose shorter one like I choose. The other thing to note that the title with numbers like in above example “25 ways to lose weight” have brighter chance to rank high.

Meta Descriptions:-

It is a snippet of your content. It gives further information in 150-160 words about your article, which title couldn’t convey. So it should also include that specific Keyword that you set for your article.

SEO Company tools

Here circled area is Meta description which give more information about the product or service. It includes the keyword we set for our content and on the other hand, it gives you more information that why should you go for this website.

URL Structure:-

URLS that include targeted keywords performs better. Other thing to keep into mind is that Urls should not be too long. is the URLs for the above example. It includes the targeted keyword.

Body Tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.)         

It is better to well organize the content by properly dividing it into smaller sections & paragraphs. Well organized content raises the interest of the audience. On the other hand, it helps search engine to determine what is important within your content. Your headlines should also use the keyword. Set H1, H2 and H3 in the order of the priority.

For Example:  you write the blog on Weight lose the headline should be

H1:- How to lose Weight fast?

H2:- Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables to lose weight.

H3:- Protein Enrich foods to lose weight.

Keyword Density:-

 This means how many times your chosen keywords appears into your content. It helps the search engine work out what your content is about. But other thing to note here that not to excessively repeat the keywords. It should be 3-6% of your content length.

Image SEO:-

 Images make your content more interesting and understandable. It keeps the interest of the audience on. The uploaded image should have proper title that includes the relevant keywords. Image with the targeted keywords leads the people to your site even when they search on Google images.

Internal Linking:-

 Internal Link is a useful tool in your SEO arsenal. It increases the credibility of your website and relevancy of a page. The content could be your own or it could be from another site. Linking to the other authority sites is a good indication of your values for other people creation. Page links let google understand you’ve got useful content that people can access somewhere else.

Content: –

Content is a vital element of SEO on page optimization. People turn to Google when they need some extra information about particular product or company. So your content should be such useful and authenticate that it increases the creditability of your website. Even consistently updating your website content helps you to rank higher on the Search Engine optimization.


Their are many techniques that improve the readability of your content. You need to score good in readability meter. For this your, try to write shorter sentence it should contain more than 20 words in one sentence. Try to write the content in active voice as well as use proper transition words. These measures ensures good sure in readability.


Last but not least, another most important on page SEO trick is loading speed. Loading speed shouldn’t be more than 2 seconds otherwise you customers will switch to another website.



 Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO are techniques that involves improving the google ranking of your website by means that violate the guidelines of search engines. This is considered as unethical. These techniques can be successful in the short term, but they have serious consequences in the long run.

Black Hat SEO is used to boost the sites or pages that are not relevant to the audience. They impressed search engines robots by their tricks but fails to trick the audience.

Here are the tricks used in Black Hat SEO:

Keyword Stuffing

In this technique, the web designers first made a list of all possible keywords. They then overload the keywords into the content. Because search engine scan websites by the words so, they succeed to trick the search engines. More the use of Keywords, higher the relevancy of the page. But remember if you search engine able to discover your trick than you will penalized.  Search engine can even ban your webpages if they found any keyword stuffing.

Hidden Text

It is the text that is only visible to search engine. Black Hat SEO uses hidden irrelevant keywords to boost the traffic to the page. Using this methods is totally unethical. The common technique of Hidden text is write white text on the white background. But google bot can discover this trick by their automated systems.

Duplicate/Low-quality Content

Google hate Copying content from other website as it is totally against the search engine guidelines. Google bot can easily identify the duplicity and can ban your webpage to appear on the search engine. Your content should not be terribly written as it send the visitors away from your websites and harm credibility of your website.

Page Swapping

It means get a Webpage ranked higher on the search engine and then change the content entirely. Google really don’t like it.

Gateway pages/ Doorway pages

In this technique designers stuffed your website with the keywords to get high ranking. But when visitors click on any link it take them to a separate unrelated page.This is also called Cloaking

Unrelated Keywords

To get more traffic, some designers used keywords that is unrelated to your business. They usually add the keywords that people searched most.

Article Spinning

Keep on updating the content on your website is a good SEO tool to rank high. But when you indulge into rewrite the same article with the software it often provide several new articles that are not useful

Grey Hat SEO

This is neither black nor white hat SEO. In short, it uses the combine methods of both. This is a transformation from black to white and from white to black. Whether it is due to pressure from company to deliver better results, some SEO companies may practice Grey hat SEO to some extent.

Off Page SEO                                        

Off- page optimization refers to all the technique that are used outside your website in order to improve the website position in search ranking. Such as posting on Social networking sites, blogging, article submission and many more. Off page SEO determined what other websites thinks about your site.

Furthermore, Off page optimization also divided into three categories:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Here are tools and techniques of Off page optimization White Hat SEO.

Social Networking Sites

Today Social networking sites are the best platform to advertise your business. These sites gives you the proper exposure for your website. It helps you to extend your online network. Social media sites is the fundamental step that helps to build your online reputation within your niche. So due to this feature social media also known as “Online Reputation Management”

Top Social Networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Forum Submission

Find the forums that are related to your websites niche, post comments and get involved within that community helps search engine crawl your website. Try to reply to threads, offer advice as well as answer peoples questions are the best ways to get high traffic. Moreover, Try to use Do-Follow Forums. Give a link to your website for further information.

High PR forums: – Flickr, addthis, bbpress, chronicle, CareerBuilder etc.


This the best way to promote your website. Write a blog about your website make visitors keep checking your site for latest posts. More they visit your blog, higher the rank in search engine. But your content should be interesting enough to catch their attention. You could post viral videos, Infographics, Tutorials etc. to make your website worth watching.

Social Bookmarking Sites

It is also a very good platform to promote your website. By posting latest blog to the popular bookmarking sites, you will experience traffic to your website. But make sure you use proper tags to your posts. This may increase your website traffic based on how effectively you have participated.

Popular Bookmarking websites: Reddit, delicious, stumbleupon, digg, diggo etc.

Article Submission

If you are good at writing a unique and quality content than this could be a very effective tool. By submitting articles to the popular sites, your website could gain a good amount of audience.

Video Submission

If you used video on your website, than you must make it viral by submitting it to popular website. Don’t forget to give reference of your website link as it allows people to find more content by visiting your website.

Popular sites: – YouTube, Vimeo, ustream, dailymotion etc.

Image Submission

Likewise videos, if you used image on your site than share it on the major images websites and give the link of your website. Many People will visit your website to comment on them.

Popular sites: – Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr, Imgur, mediafire etc.

Infographic Submission

These days’ infographics are getting very popular. Post the infographics on infographics websites. Don’t forget to give references links to your website.

Answer Questions

Participate in the questions and answering sites. It will help you to build up your reputation. Give link to your website in the source section so that people can visit your website easily for further information.

Black Hat SEO

Here are the Black Hat Off Page Optimization tools.

Buying Links

You often noticed that when you open a website some ads start coming. This is what is called buying links. Some websites buy links in exchange of money. They allure the people to buy their products or service.But Google start taking secret action to this. It start penalizing both the websites one who is buying the link and other who sell the link.

Link Farms

 There are some sites that are into the business of increasing the popularity of some other site through exchanging the links. Simple theory, more the sites link, higher the rank. Because, more links indicates a higher level of popularity among audience.

Comment Spam/Blog Spam

Any comments posted to a blog with the purpose of generating an inbound link to comment author’s own site or blog, called Comment spam or Blog Spam.

Social networking spam

This spam used on social media platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Spammers use common fan pages or groups to send notes from fraudulent accounts. These notes could lead you to some product or service selling sites.

Url Hijacking

Use the domain name of some popular website with some misspelled version to confuse the visitors.

Cookie dropping/ Cookie Stuffing

 It is an affiliate marketing illegal practice. In this trick spammer put a cookie on someone computer without their knowledge. For Example, you need to refer some website to your friend to earn some point, but despite directly asking him/her to do so, you secretly load the website in the background.This is what Cookie dropping is all about.

Grey Hat SEO

Likewise, On-page Optimization it also uses the combination of both the methods. This is a transformation from black to white and from white to black. Whether it is due to pressure from company to deliver better results, some SEO companies may practice Grey hat SEO to some extent.


Why you need to hire a SEO Company?

Many SEO companies trying their best to achieve high ranking through Search Engine Optimization. Under this Scenario, It is really important for you to choose best SEO Company in Punjab. Before choosing a SEO company, you have to consider these points into the mind.  What different services all SEO company provide and what benefits you more.

Increased Traffic: – It is almost impossible to get your website noticed by large number of customers. Google is flooded with websites. Many Businesses thinks SEO is dead. However, they are absolutely wrong here. It continues to evolve over time and the companies understand it are adapting it. It is only with the help of SEO you can increase your customer’s base.

Brand Awareness: – It is clear that more the traffic on the website more is the brand awareness. So, There is no denying that you need a SEO strategy in place to attract organic traffic to your website.It’s not only increase the traffic but also helps users to associate with your brand. As it is a mindset that the companies on the first page are generally considered to be more trustworthy. The high your page ranked the more chances you have for users to see your content.

Long lasting Result;-  Many Businesses thinks that Once your website reach the top slot, SEO works finishes there. But this is not accurate at all. Rather it needs even more work to maintain the top spot. Your competition is growing day by day. So you need a permanent solution and that will be provided a good SEO company.

High return on investment: – There is no other cost effective tool for online marketing than SEO. The only reason your business burned up due to SEO when you chose an inexperienced company. Otherwise, nothing can deliver a better return like SEO.

Increase Credibility : – It is actually a human tendency, the higher the website, higher the credibility. So this can be achieved only with the help of expert SEO Company.

 Best SEO company

SEO could also be Paid or Organic:

Organic SEO:- In this type of SEO, search engine lists the webpages results that most closely match the user’s search query.It is also known as natural search results.

Paid SEO:-  In this type of SEO, a website owner hire a professional SEO company to have their web pages display on the top result. Paid results are actually advertisements.

Types of SEO

 PPC ads are displayed above organic search results or on the sidebar of search engine pages for search queries related to their topic.


Why Choose Our SEO Company?

SEO is a critical factor for driving traffic to your website. In the absence SEO, it is very difficult to attract traffic. Our SEO company target is to increase the traffic to your website.

  • Our SEO company provides all SEO Marketing tools i.e. Organic and authentic results, pay per click, social media marketing etc.
  • As a professional SEO company, we help you to optimize your website ethically as per SEO guidelines and best industry practices.
  • Our SEO tips plays a critical role in ensuring that your website’s page titles, Meta description, text as well as links to other pages are optimized in accordance with the standards.
  • Bargaining on the quality of work is something that we dislike. We not only provide best quality services but cost-effective and indubitably return on investment. Therefore we regarded as the best SEO
  • We are expert in Organic SEO as well as Social Media Marketing.
  • Our experts are well aware with the dynamics of business, marketing and technology.
  • We successfully executed hundreds of SEO projects.
  • Our SEO Company works on the value of transparency, ethical and measurable results on SEO website
  • We believes that our strong knowledge base and great knowledge of SEO basics and great Experience in website SEO makes us the most preferred company in this field.

SEO Company in Punjab

Our SEO Company process

We work on some set of values which makes us best SEO Company in Patiala, Punjab.

Client Requirements: – Firstly, we analysis your business needs. By listing your products and services on local SEO you are headhunted.

Analyze competitor: – By Using provided information, we research your competition supplying you with the real word SEO reports.

Keyword Analysis: – Keyword research is the most important and high return activities. By searching the right SEO keywords, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers. We develop relevant, informative, focused updated and keyword friendly SEO content.

On-page Optimization: – It ensures that your website’s content is presented to search engines efficiently . It increases overall readability of the site.

Off-page Optimization: – Off page SEO determined what other websites thinks about your site. Off page optimization includes acquiring backlinks to your page from the authority sites in your niche.

Link Popularity: – It refers to the actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage to increase the SEO ranking of the page or website.

Social Media Optimization: – The purpose of SMO is to use social media to increase traffic to a website. It is important to generate viral publicity.

Reporting: – To improve the SEO search we keep on analysis the ongoing addition and modification of keywords and website content. Finally,Our SEO checker tools improve the search engine ranking.


Best SEO Company in patiala

The success of SEO lies in the content you posted to your site. If you want to increase the traffic to your blog, than your content should be appealing to people as well as that’s optimized for search engines.

Your content is such that it completes two goals: First, it appeal to end user i.e. Customers, clients, readers etc. and secondly, it should solve the problem anyone is facing.

EasyWebPlans create the content that ranks well with Google also persuades people. SEO is all about effective content. Firstly, all you need to do is have an in depth knowledge of research keywords. After thorough analysis, select a particular keyword and use that keyword in your content.

How does google rank website?

Google ranked the webpage on the basis of authority and relevance of that page. Google analyses the content based on several parameters. It measures where and how often you use certain words in the content. Your page’s authority is measured by how trustworthy those links are. Links are like votes. Higher the quality of the link, higher the ranking. Therefore, for better understanding of content, you need to first understand some of these terms.

 SEO Copywriting:-

SEO copywriting is an art of writing the content that ranks well in search. It is all about creating useful, compelling and valuable content. The content should be such that it compels the people to share it over different social media platforms.

Elements of SEO Copywriting.

Site Speed:-

Lesser the loading time, more the users’ interest. As it studied that half of the people will abandon a webpage only due to, it’s loading takes more than 3 seconds to fully load. Speed has been a ranking sector since 2010. Standard load time set for sites is 2 secs.


Headline is the first thing that attracts the attentions of the people. It compels the user to click and read further. If your headline is clickable and attractive, you will be ranked top in the google search. It is a rule of thumb, write your headline before moving on to the body of the article. Moreover, It is interesting to note that here headlines that have numbers in them usually get shared more on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Content is a vital element of SEO copywriting. People turn to Google when they need some extra information about particular product or company.  So your content should be such useful and authenticate that it increases the credibility of your website. Even consistently updating your website content helps you to rank higher on the Search Engine optimization.

Meta Description: –

Meta descriptions tells the search engines what the topic is all about and why should your targeted keywords and phrases keep appearing in the content. Google uses it on your page as snippet. It is 150-160 character (Including spaces) description about your topic.

Keyword Frequency:-

This means how many times your chosen keywords appears into your content. For example if your keyword is “SEO Company”. Than how many times this words appears into your article. It is not a very important ranking factor but it still impacts organic ranking to some extent.

Page Link:-

Page links let google understand you’ve got useful content that people can access somewhere else. The content could be your own or it could be from another site. Linking to the other authority sites is a good indication of your values for other people creation. Google will reward you for being in sync with their mission.

For better result, the link should be:-

  • Relevant within and outside your site
  • More in-depth guides or content on your page or other sites.
  • Link with appropriate anchor text
Our SEO Company’s Strategies?

Our SEO company use various strategies to build your business and get it to top.

  • To achieve the desired web traffic, every business need a customized SEO plan. Our SEO company can build best customized strategies based on your need and requirements. This in turn leads to immediate search engine results.
  • The most important strategy is selecting keywords that target your business services or products. Our experts will analyze your website and derive keywords on your business and services.
  • Using specific keywords, our experts make content which develop a connection to your customers.
  • Besides the SEO Strategies, your business needs high quality and unique content to improve its presence on web. The content should be such effective that your potential customers get impressed by reading it and desire to become real- time customers.
  • Our effective Content marketing strategies is the backbone for your business.
  • Communication is the key to success. Our SEO company keep on tracing proactively your ranking and dealing with the complications that might arise. Our SEO agency offers you consistent reports on your campaigns progress.

Best SEO Company in Punjab



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